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Jodi Dean on OWS, Debt, and Collective Responses to the Crisis

As debt emerges as the central issue for Occupy in the coming year, Jodi Dean argues that the issue locks the movement into an individualist framework, beneficial to the pro-austerity Right, rather than positing a social orientation geared towards the commons. See: Is debt the connective thread for OWS?


Physical Space and the Occupy Movement

In a previous post, I pointed to Simon Critchley’s argument that Occupy‘s “task is to create a location for politics.” Here are two more arguments being made in this direction, by Occupy participants.

In Arun Gupta’s “What happened to the Occupy movement?”, the New York City-Occupy activist writes:

The real stumbling block for the Occupy movement is also the reason for its success: space, or now, the lack thereof. Understanding the significance of political space and Occupy’s inability to recapture it reveals why the movement is having difficulty re-gaining traction.

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On Occupy, reproduction and the commons

In an earlier post, I pointed to David Harvey’s text on reclaiming the city as a site of the commons. Below, Silvia Federici and George Caffentzis highlight Occupy’s efforts towards “building [the] reproductive commons” as an oppositional struggle. And Jodi Dean and Marco Desiriis discuss “the commons” as a political demand, as well as the limitations of the commons as a practice divorced from an oppositional political strategy. Continue reading

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